Nikon 200-500 vs. Olympus 100-400 - 2 system dilemma

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Re: Nikon 200-500 vs. Olympus 100-400 - 2 system dilemma

I have the same dilemma, similar at least

On my em1.2 I have only 40-150 with mc14 as longest lens; I can live with fuzzy bokeh rendering (it's not always possible to frame in a way where background is less disturbing and this lens accentuates it a lot), but when shooting in less than ideal light conditions and not too close subjects the contrast is too poor (because of high ISO) and I need to spend too much time in front of a PC to get reasonable result (still not overwhelming)

With less challenging situations, the compactness of mft, the stabilization, sharpness and last but not least close focusing ability are all great plus for mft system, because of this I'm considering addition of 100-400 that will unlock new situation because of longer FL, at the same time for the aforementioned cons I'm thinking to add Nikon 80-400 to my z6 to achieve a better result where 40-150 and(or should I say mostly) em1.2 cannot deliver what I need

I'm really hoping for this wow camera to be a little bit better in those regards, especially AF, I don't like to always rely (and pray) on Pro capture. I hope it will give a little bit better IQ in low light and better AF

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