Grading z6 Atomos N-Log in Premiere - Terrible Colors

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Re: Grading z6 Atomos N-Log in Premiere - Terrible Colors

Andre, (and everyone else) thanks for your ideas and time! Someone else assisted me and got to the bottom of my problem. On the Atomos, there's a toggle labeled "Log/HDR" and, shooting Log, I assumed I wanted it on. Apparently, nope. With it on, the footage is remapped to another gamma space, BT.2020 IIRC. The toggle basically means "are you shooting Log to go to HDR? Then this button will tag your files as HDR": So, the footage goes outside the Legal range. The person helping me made a LUT to convert it back to a Legal space and now everything is GOOD.

Man that was aggravating.

Andre Yew wrote:

jlafferty wrote:

If, as I do, you export to H.264, you can even load the same file in two different players - QT vs. VLC - and see the problem, or one manifestation of it. Here's the same file side-by-side:

I don't use VLC because it does seem to display my files differently than QT or the preview in FCPX.

I'm kind of out of ideas at this point, sorry!

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