Second monitor use when shooting tethered in Lightroom

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Re: Second monitor use when shooting tethered in Lightroom

Unfortunately, Lightroom isn't the tethering ap you want. CaptureOne, as Don and others have said, is designed specifically for your scenario. Once you jump to C1, you can (among other things): mirror your desktop across multiple monitors and preview incoming images (using a 25ft HDMI cable to place the monitors anywhere); load CapturePilot on your iPhone or iPad and remote live view, as well as trigger the camera; run a "server" and transmit Capture sessions via a micro wifi router to a LAN and have anyone view it. You can add something like a Hollyland Mars transmitter to the mix and send a wireless HDMI signal that can be streamed to iPhone/iPad.

AronTO wrote:

Hi, I'm about to start some high-volume shoots and I have a small issue I'd love help to try solving.

I am shooting subjects while my assistant has the tethered laptop to help subjects make their selections and rename files. He'll be around 10' away from me so I won't be able to quickly check my photos while I have the subject in front of my camera. I would love a way to either be able to see the shots I'm taking previewed in the EVF or screen of my Nikon z6. There isn't a way to preview images while shooting tethered, obviously because nothing is being written to the card. I'm wondering if someone has found a workaround or if there IS in fact a setting I'm missing to make this happen. Can this be done with a second monitor sending an image back to me? The problem here is auto-advance has to be turned off so the previewing images don't skip as current subject photos import while my assistant is working with the previous subject's photos.

This isn't a dealbreaker as my EVF shows me what the photos look like, but I'd love to have that preview source on a larger screen.

While I'm at it begging for help, any other Nikon z6>Lightroom tethering techniques and tips are appreciated. I haven't shot high volume since switching from my old D750

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