Z9 a real flagship to the Canon R3 or R1?

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Re: Z9 a real flagship to the Canon R3 or R1?

In my opinion the advangates of the Canon R3 above Z9 are:

  • Canon has better image stabilization
  • Canon has a higher resolution on the LCD screen
  • Canon has higher (but maybe not better) resolution in viewfinder
  • Canon weighs approx 300 gram less
  • Canon has 30 FPS RAW capture (albeit 24 MP resolution but that is more than enough for action)
  • Probably less noise due to lower MP

The advantages of Z9 in my opinion are:

  • Better video specs
  • Probably brighter viewfinder
  • Two CF express card slots
  • Better landscape camera dure to higher MP

Three important aspects which we do not know yet:

  • The best tracking ability in action photography
  • The number of keepers during a session of action photography
  • The durability and the ability to withstand rough environments and handling
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