Any real-world feedback on the Lumix Vario 45-200mm v.II?

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Re: Lumix Vario 45-200mm v.II?

MiguelATF wrote:

Just to be clear and (hopefully) refocus this thread back to my original question:

I'm really hoping to hear opinions or impressions from people who actually own or have used the newer (v.II or Mark II) version of this lens.

Many of us have opinions, both positive and negative, about the original (and much older, and generally maligned) version of the lens. Many of us also have opinions about other zoom lenses which they prefer to the original (v.I) version of this lens. And at least a few of us, including myself, have opinions or theories about why there seem to be so few user reviews, either critical or laudatory, of the newer (v.2) version. All of those opinions are interesting and helpful, in their own way or ways. But I still believe, rightly or wrongly, that actually using a given camera or lens or whatever, can reveal interesting aspects (sometimes positive, sometimes negative) of it.

Short verision: maybe it's "a fool's errand", but I still hope someone out here in DPreviewLand may share their experiences with v.2.

Well, every *unrelated* post bumps your question back to the top into view increasing your chances of actually hearing from someone who owns the new version of this lens...

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