Any real-world feedback on the Lumix Vario 45-200mm v.II?

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Re: 40-150?

Isabel Cutler wrote:

Robbob67 wrote:

I would also be interested to hear about it. It is on my shopping list as my first choice for a tele zoom.
I know the 45-150 delivers reasonable results, but the extra 50mm would come in useful.

I have recently been thinking about the 40 to 150 f/2.8 too for its superb image quality, but have some concerns, among them the fact that it lacks image stabilization and it is a 2014 lens. (I would think if Olympus hadn't been sold they might have been developing a Mark II version of the lens with stabilization. Its weight is surprisinglyly tolerable. It's a lot more pricey than the cheaper f/4-5.6 version you may be thinking of, but that isn't a bad lens, in fact, it's been praised a lot - it's just not a low light lens.

There might be another option for you - an image of the upcoming 40-150 f4 Pro from that rumors site...

I don't really NEED the 40-150 f/2.8 , but I should would love to have it. I find the Panasonic 100-400 to be very heavy, don't like the stiff zoom control with extending barrel and f/6.3 when it zooms. It does, however, have excellent image quality. A constant f/2.8 would be delightful. I took the 100-400 to Costa Rica and with f/6.3 rain forest photography was nearly impossible.

You should watch some of the YouTube videos on the 40-150 f/2.8.


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