Thinking about buying a drone but.....

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Re: Thinking about buying a drone but.....

I have a Mini 2 since 5 Weeks, and added an Air 2S last week. Both drones differ! Image quality is really already very good with the Mini 2 - but you have to do AE-bracketing with RAWs to achieve a real nice DR. But if so, this little bee is a gem, because you can take it easily with you anywhere, can start it nearly everywhere, and it is so quiet and small that most people are not too much disturbed, just interested in that „toy“. On the other hand, the Air 2S is much bigger and louder. It can handle stronger wind, and offers more creative tools. Spotlight-function makes filming so much easier than with the Mini 2 for example. Where it really shines, is the IQ of its footage! Although the Mini 2 delivers already satisfying material, the Air 2S is really brilliant! DR, resolution and sharpness are at higher level… If this is all what counts, and the restrictions with a drone over 250g are not a problem for your usage, go with the Air 2S! I will use it, whenever possible - but also keep my Mini 2 for those shots in „critical“ surroundings… It’s IQ is not too bad at all - see the attached pic of an historic bath in Hungary, where I would never had put the Air 2S in the air, but the Mini 2 did its job quite well, I‘d say…

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