DxO PL5 or C1 and DeepPrime?

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DxO PL5 or C1 and DeepPrime?

...or maybe Affinity and DeepPrime or something else?

I'm pretty sure these are re-occurring questions, however what about all recent SW updates?

I'm a birder, and I'd like to get into better post processing. Nowadays I use 27-in Retina iMac. However, my PP sucks. In the past I used to play with PS (very long time ago), Aperture (got a few books, started learning, but it got discontinued), Luminar (first 2-3 editions, which did not grew on me for some reasons), and, of course, Apple Photos which I use on current basis quite successfully, but feel myself a bit pathetic every time I use it. I just can't achieve that kind of professional crisp look with my RAW files.

What I'm missing is effective de-noising, sharpening not affected by noise reduction, AF mishaps correction, local re-touching, including spot shadow/highlights tweaking, effective color correction by separate channels. Brushing and masking are totally unknown for me, but most likely would be helpful, when I learn them. I understand the concept of layers and would like to use them some day, however, I may give it up for other more effective important features.

What else? I'm Ok with Photos handling all of my RAW files and feel very nervous to transfer my couple TB of images into any other DB. So, if there is a simple way of sharing files between the Photos and new software it would be a big plus. However, I'm also Ok with creation of some kind of elite collection (files doubles) within a new SW.

And there is one more thing. It is embarrassing to admit, but usual advice to download and try free trial copy won'y work for me, because I just not used to all these advanced features that I'm interested in

There is one of the typical recent shots. There is no visible noise, but image is lacking some crispness. The fish and droplets could be enhanced, local highlights removed without darkening of the whole body, the head and area around the eye could be sharper, etc. If someone is willing to try and show how to PP it better and recommend specific SW I would greatly appreciate that.

Thank you in advance,


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