What is the point of the X-H2, why not just put the features in an XPr0-3 or XT-5?

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Re: What is the point of the X-H2, why not just put the features in an XPr0-3 or XT-5?

The XH line has been something of a conundrum since it was introduced and Fuji never solved it while the XH1 was around, whether they will with the XH2 remains to be seen.

If you’re asking me what the point of the line is, I’d have to tell you I don’t know.  The big standout feature of the XH1 was IBIS, and (a) that wasn’t enough to sell it at the price they wanted, and (b) that feature is now available in the XT4, the XS10, and generally expected in other models soon.

The other big thing about the XH1 was its tough build, and that’s all well and good, but as you say Fuji’s other flagship bodies aren’t exactly fragile.  For their price and size they’re built plenty well enough.  Again, the differences weren’t enough to sell the XH1 at its launch price; it only sold later on when the price was slashed, undercutting Fuji’s ambition for it to be the premium pro choice.

For the XH2 Fuji do have the opportunity to correct one of the XH1’s big mistakes, and to fit it with their newest and best sensor and processor tech, and (if priced sensibly) that will make it more compelling.  But, we all know Fuji’s habit of reusing the same technology across their whole range, and we all know it will only be a matter of perhaps months before that same technology is available in a cheaper XT5, or perhaps an even cheaper XT40 etc.  For me the XH still seems unnecessary.

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