Any real-world feedback on the Lumix Vario 45-200mm v.II?

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shutter shock with old bodies

Adrian Harris wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

You are not the first one to come to appreciate the legendary original Panasonic 45-200mm.

Here are 2 photographers who write about the Panasonic 45-200mm a few years ago. The first one initially thought it wasn't good, but then discovered problems with his technique in using the lens. After that he was much more satisfied with the results.

Also it's important to note that the early m43 cameras had neither electronic shutter nor anti-shock.

H'mm, I must test mine again - after a 11 year hiatus with it. !!!

My original tests with the Panasonic G1 attached always produced VERY soft results anywhere near the 200mm mark - even when on a sturdy tripod.

The other problem with it was that it took a few milliseconds for the OIS in the lens to settle. So if you moved it very quickly and didn't pause briefly before hitting the shutter, you could at times get some strange optical results. Again please note my tests were all done with the original G1.

I suspect that shutter shock was likely often a problem years ago with this lens just like it was with several other lenses. Using the newer bodies with electronic shutters and much lower shock mechanical shutters may help a lot.

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