Camera for the Month of October - SD1/M

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Re: Before the month is over...

applemax wrote:


The SD1 Merrill gave me too many wonderful pictures to choose just five of them. ..

I will never give my SD1 away. Maybe I will even look for a spare one just in case.

Me too, I reckon.


Edit: For some reason I can't insert my own pictures from my own webspace as usual, so links will have to do. ...

On DPR it is so unlike what you do for other sites, as I was told of and found for Flickr. For your very enjoyable image in the link above:

go to the image on the site;

click on "Copy image location";

back to your post, paste the link where you want the image to appear;

click on the small "insert image icon" that appears on the LHS;

click on "embed"

(I hope!)

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Nope! You might have sharing permission not set right.

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