Panasonic S5 image stabilisation half press setting question?

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Re: Panasonic S5 image stabilisation half press setting question?

sootyvrs wrote:

Looking at the options there is an option to have image stabilisation on all the time and during half press which is the setting I normally use.

Curious if image stabilisation set to half press whether image stabilisation is in operation whilst taking stills if you just press the shutter button fully without the half press?

Also if it works if set to timer?


Thats pretty much exactly how it works.

Always on = always visibly stabilizing regardless of what you're doing with the camera.

Half Press = only shows the stabilization effect when you have the shutter pressed halfway.

When set to self timer, you won't see the stabilization effect unless you're halfpressing the shutter if it's set in that mode. When the photo is taken, the stabilization is active.

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