Loud shriek from monostand

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Ed Shapiro
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Re: Loud shriek from monostand

louisme wrote:

Thanks Ed. I'm going to put an order in on that for the future because it is probably good to have.

It turns out though that the sound was coming from the pulley wheel on top. Because there is a lot of tension there and it is connected to a lot of metal with a tube. it sounded like it was the counterweight. I cleaned it off and put regular WD-40 on it. It fixed it, very smooth operation also. When I get the WD-40 gel you suggested I will use that in the future.

Much Appreciated.

Yes! That pully wheel can cuase issues- it akes quite a bit of weight and tension. The regular WD-40 is a good fix but the gel lasts longer and better prevents excessive wear and tear on the moving parts.  You can spread it generously on the inside of the shaft without any dripping. If you rub it to the outside o the column it will provide a thin coating that lasts many weeks of hard use.  It also come in handy for door hinges and car doors, hoods, and tailgates.

Thanks, for your feedback, it's appreciated as well!

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