EOS R6 Vs iPhone 13 Pro for Photography (PICS)

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No surprises.

Eddie Rizk wrote:

KEG wrote:

So in short, no improvement over iPhone 12 Pro Max which got owned by Powershot SX60 in image quality.

The only time phone cameras look "better" than something is when compared to other phone cameras.

Anyone who has knowledge of lens design and the science behind light gathering in sensors can spot the problems with phone camera from miles away. A phone camera has itsy-bitsy sensor with teeny tiny lenses.

It's turns out there is a reason lenses have so many elements and are often quite large, and even taking into account sensor size and focal length if you want better image quality or faster apertures your lens will typically get larger. The relationship between IQ and lens size, by the way, is not a linear one, and by that I mean for a little improvement in IQ you need a big increase in both the size and number of elements....along with complexity, as elements with more complex geometries and coatings are required to eliminate various optical issues.

A quick comparison

iPhone 6S
Sensor dimensions and area
4.80 x 3.60 mm
17.28 sq mm

Pixel size and area
1.22 micron
1.5 sq microns


iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini
~7 x ~5mm
35 sq mm
1.7 micron
2.9 sq microns


EOS R (just for reference, vis-à-vis actual good image quality)
36 x 24mm
864 sq mm
5.36 micron
28.7 sq microns

So yeah, the 12 mini has pixels about twice as big as those in 2015....but about 10% the size of a real camera, so how could it really compete? Do you think people realize how utterly miniscule their camera sensors are?

Progress in iPhones has been incremental.

All phones. iPhones are widely known to lead the pack with regards to smartphone cameras, and even when they aren't the competition isn't anything to write home about.

To tell you the truth, I didn't notice any significant difference between my 5 and my 8+, except for screen size. The only reason I upgraded then is because my 5 died from hitting the concrete too many times.

And the irony there is during the same years when those phones came out there were pretty significant improvements in camera technology for those interested in standalone cameras. I went from a 4S to a 6S to a 12 mini and if I'd thought for one second that the cameras would be any good I would have gone for the 12 Pro. I've learned a few things over the years: 1) Gimmicks like Siri are....well, gimmicks especially when first introduce (did NOT need to upgrade to a 4S from my 3GS); 2) Bigger phones are a pain in the rear end after learning to type almost without looking on a smaller keyboard that also causes less hand strain to reach the far keys (the 6S was too big and I never really liked it); 3) And cameras will never make a phone upgrade worth any additional money over what you'd pay for the phone itself.

As it happens, my 12 mini is my favorite iPhone so far. Camera still isn't great, but neither is the 12/13 Pro (Max or non-Max). My guess is it will outlast my 6S because iPhone batteries are cheap to replace and the size is perfect.

The 11 actually offered something new with its ultra wide lens. The 12 brought 5G, which made two new things for me. So I got the 12 PM. It's the first time I have upgraded my phone, while the old phone still worked well. The difference is significant.

My only wish is that they'd make the phones a little thicker and use a bigger battery. But still, the 12 mini has better battery life than my 6S. I went through three batteries before bailing on that one, but I did one final battery changeout at the Apple store just to have a nice wireless iPod for the car rather than running down my 12 mini battery.

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