Time to upgrade the Canon Rebel T1i

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Re: Time to upgrade the Canon Rebel T1i

One thing I noticed right away, is the very smudgy eagle/vulture photos were all edited with iPhoto but the much clearer photo of running boys was somehow done differently.

They were all edited with iPhoto. The ones of the birds were cropped. The one of the boys was not.

Are the smudginess and iPhoto just a coincidence?

That's a very good question. Maybe time to pay for Adobe and see if there is a difference. Right now I'm only using iPhoto (and have never really liked it).

Are the photos cropped too much or is there digital zooming going on? How do the photos look right out of the camera before being touched by any photo software?

Zooming on the camera itself and on iPhoto. Photos right out of the camera - the birds were less clear. I worked with it as much as possible. The one of the boys just came out clearer. The boys were lit much better initially. Unfortunately the photos of the birds never have great lighting because I'm shooting through my kitchen window (no screen and I clean it everyday because I like to shoot animals in the side yard) and the sun is never optimally placed. The tree is in the side yard and I can see it from the kitchen. If I go out on the porch to shoot the birds leave, every time. Maybe the problem is the window? I could go shoot just the trees, or sometimes flocks of starlings don't mind being subjects when I'm on the porch, but the big cool birds are not fans of being models.

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