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Mark B. wrote:

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Peter J Davies wrote:

None of my 3rd party batteries have ever given me a problem and all have performed very close to the OEM batteries.

The problem is that battery failures are rare events. I also use 3rd party batteries and have never had a problem. There clearly are some failures of batteries, both with OEM batteries and with 3rd party batteries. Anecdotally, one can never establish whether one rare event is more likely than the other.

The one thing that may have some weight with some people is the notion that the camera manufacturer may be more likely to service the camera without charging you if the battery fails and the camera is still under warranty when you use OEM batteries. Given that this is an extremely unlikely event anyway and that I buy my 3rd party batteries from B&H rather than a bottom-feeding retailer, I am quite willing to take that slight risk. Others are not. To my mind, they over-dramatize a small risk, but I'm sure their view is that I am reckless. To each his own.

Three weeks ago a friend asked me to recycle a battery for him. It was an offbrand from Adorama that had swollen. So the retailer isn't a guarantee.

Yes, the risk is small but it's not zero. Is the reward of saving a few bucks now worth it?

I've also mentioned the environmental cost of buying/disposing of more batteries, plus carrying them.

I like to travel light. Carrying six nonOEMs to make up for two OEMs is not worth it to me.

Now you're just being melodramatic. I wouldn't have any more batteries whether they were aftermarket or Canon.

I agree.

I have three batteries. One is the original Fujifilm battery and the other two are "BM" batteries that came from Amazon.  When I'm out for the day I take one in the camera and another fully charged spare.  I have a label on each battery (1, 2 & 3) and rotate them through recharging, so I don't even bother whether I am using a Fuji or a BM battery.

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