Nikon z5 vs fuji xs10 price vs image quality and kit lenses

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Re: Nikon z5 vs fuji xs10 price vs image quality and kit lenses

Mieszko wrote:

The Z5 is about 1400 dollars this month in my country down from 2000 with the kit lens compared to about 1400-1500 dollars for the xs10 with the kit lenses. I assume a kit lens is a good start for a beginner to try things out, as I dont know how much I want to invest into macro or landscape etc yet.

First: WELCOME to the DPR forums and the world of photography!

Good news: You'll be fine with both. Both are capable of producing excellent image quality and should make you happy.

A lot of first-time photographers are disappointed by their first foray into a "real" camera, but the problem isn't the equipment, it's the user. "Consumer" cameras (and phones) are geared towards making decisions and getting good-looking results, while interchangeable-lens cameras are all about giving the user more creative control -- but if you're still learning, the initial results you get may be disappointing.

My suggestion would be to reserve part of your budget for training -- a local Photo 101 course is good, and Nikon's Online School has some introductory classes that are very good. You want to learn the basics: Exposure (aperture and shutter speed), ISO, and how they affect your images, and of course composition (taking pictures that are interesting in the first place).

Beware of learning from YouTube -- anyone can declare themselves an expert, and one thing we often see here in the forums is that there are a LOT of YTers who don't know what they're talking about (because they didn't learn properly either). Today's cameras are highly complex but you need not get buried in the technical complexity. If you know the basics as outlined above, you can get good photos with any camera. (Great takes practice. (-:)

FWIW, I've been shooting semi-seriously for about 30 years. My digital camera is a Sony A6000, a fairly simple APS-C model that I bought six+ years ago and have yet to outgrow. I also have the kit lenses and rarely run into their limitations. Personally I prefer simplicity -- as little between me and the photo as possible. You can look at my flickr page below and decide if I'm worth listening to.



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