Grading z6 Atomos N-Log in Premiere - Terrible Colors

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Re: Grading z6 Atomos N-Log in Premiere - Terrible Colors

Hi Andre,

Thanks for attempting to help. I'm on MacOS. It is strange that you're saying you're not seeing issues on a P3 display. How are you exporting files?

edit: Oh, I see... you're going to h.264 2K.

If, as I do, you export to H.264, you can even load the same file in two different players - QT vs. VLC - and see the problem, or one manifestation of it. Here's the same file side-by-side:

QT player left; VLC right

And neither matches my Premiere window!

Re: white balance, I lock things in at 5500k because that's what my lights are rated to.

Andre Yew wrote:


I can't tell if you're on Windows or Mac OS, but if you're on Mac OS, you could give the free FCPX demo a try to see if the colors are any better with the Nikon LUT. I would suggest doing the same for Davinci except I don't think the free version lets you edit 10-bit footage. I'm on FCPX.

FWIW I've never had my exported files from FCPX (generally h.264 .mov files in both 2k and 4k) be very different than what I see in my editor or the LUT rendering in my Ninja V. The main differences, if any, I see are brightness, but contrast generally remains the same. This holds true for a calibrated DCI-P3 display (BenQ PV270), a late 2020 iMac5k 27-inch calibrated display, or an out-of-the-box LG G1 OLED TV.

Another thing that may be helpful is to look at Leeming's setup guide, which has dealt with all the setup issues on the three major editing programs:

You may want to apply the Nikon LUT in the same way that Paul recommends for his own LUT to see if that helps.

The other thing he stresses is to make sure to get WB right before you shoot with a custom measurement of a known good grey card (eg. Colorchecker Video Passport), and to expose as far to the right as possible without blowing out important detail, but that last thing is pretty specific to how he constructs his LUT.

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