Grading z6 Atomos N-Log in Premiere - Terrible Colors

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Re: Grading z6 Atomos N-Log in Premiere - Terrible Colors

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll consider these further. I'd really appreciate it if he had samples to show on the website, as well as a trial where I could run my footage through it before committing :/

As it is, I went back to my Z6, and Atomos to see if or what I'm doing wrong and I can't figure it out yet. Exposure is good. Reviewing the files shown in the monitor's native color space look great, but if I switch to viewing on the Atomos using the Nikon LUT, it immediately turns to the same mess I screengrabbed above. Wish I could just go to Atomos native in Premiere.

In addition to these snags, one more layer of complications is that I'm going from 10 bit, ProRes, 4k to H.264, targeting 2-pass VBR and a 5mb final file. Once loaded into QT player, it gets even more desaturated and muddy. I generally have to do 2-3 passes of returning to Premiere and boosting saturation and playing with curves to get it looking decent. And all of this I do *with* the corrective LUT shared elsewhere to address the QT player issue, e.g.:

Andre Yew wrote:

Nikon's N-log LUT is pretty punchy and contrasty, which is why I don't like it.

Have a look at Paul Leeming's N-log LUTs on which take N-log to a rec.709 color space.

It's pretty affordable, too. Paul prioritizes color accuracy first with emphasis on skin tones, and he's very responsive to questions and issues on the Facebook group for the LUT. He's a working director/DP as well.

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