EOS M50 + Tamron 150-600mm G2

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Re: EOS M50 + Tamron 150-600mm G2

I use this combo and it works fine. AF works well most of the time, but can get a bit dodgy in low light, especially past 400mm where your max. aperture is 6.3. Though I find the AF is never quite as quick and snappy as on SLRs.

It handles well, though as with any small camera on a big lens you need to think of it as holding the lens with camera being for the ride. (Actually, I find I prefer how this lens handles with a tiny camera like the SL1 or M50 vs a proportionally chonky body like the EOS 1N.) It certainly handles a bit better than the g1 version. Size/weight of the adapter is negligible compared to the whole system.

Personally if I was getting a camera specifically to use with that lens now I'd probably look at an SL2/3 or a 70/80D. Though the M50 would be a bit more versatile and probably a better choice for you. If nothing else, it's probably the least risky option to put money into - the M50 is newer and would be fairly easy to sell if you find you don't like it.

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