Any real-world feedback on the Lumix Vario 45-200mm v.II?

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Re: Any real-world feedback on the Lumix Vario 45-200mm v.II?

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I know that the first version (v.I, which originally was introduced in 2010) of this lens generally didn't get great responses, from many users and a few reviewers. The 2nd version (v.II) of the lens came out in late 2017 and, supposedly, had identical components - but a theoretically much improved O.I.S. system (Power OIS vs. the earlier Mega OIS), which allowed users of a number of newer Lumix bodies to make use of Panasonic's 'Dual OIS' system (combining both the lens's OIS + the camera's built-in IBIS, in a way that the earlier Mega OIS equipped lenses were unable to).

I'm wondering if anyone who's actually used or shot with the newer version of this lens - coupled with one of the newer Lumix bodies - could share their 'real-world' impressions of the lens?

Both Panasonic and Olympus have a history of occasionally producing some 'kit' or less expensive 'consumer' lenses which punch far above their weight, metaphorically speaking; I'm wondering if, in its 2nd iteration, how this lens has fared among the relatively small number of photographers who have actually used it?

I can only comment on the Mk1, though I undestand the Mk2 is the same plus weather sealing and a new paint job.

I was never that impressed (a Leica it is not) but, for a lens for travel that costs very little (essentially free in a deal I got) and is light, it's not bad at all.

This is as good as I've been able to get with the lens in terms of sharpnes; my technique might not be the best, however. I also don't know how much sample varaition exists.

it always seemed sharper at the wider end to me but might just have been my version.

Panasonic 45-200, 1/500, f5.6 @ 200mm

Panasonic 45-200, 1/250, f5.0, 45mm.

The images are quite sharp, however, the first one at 200mm is spoilt a bit by the thin DOF. Also, the focus point is on the front legs and not the face.

I never seemed to get anything sharper at 200mm - even looking at where it is focussed.

I hadn't actually planned to be where I was for photography and this was a chance opportunity with a couple of 'kit' lenses and an well-worn GX8 that I usually carried most places. I never really liked using that lens at maximum length and pretty much everything else I have image-wise is below 150mm.

I expect you did not have a chance for a second shot with that guy.

Indeed, he appeared over the rise at a fair clip and seemd to have a bit of a pupose about him....

Yes, the lens is sharper at the wide end.

What software did you use to process them? I get far better results from DXO PL4 compared to Lightroom.

DXO PL5 Elite.


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