Anti-flicker not needed for flash?

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Re: Anti-flicker not needed for flash?

GreatWhiteWing wrote:

tugwilson wrote:

tdbmd wrote:

Probably a stupid question but if using an on camera speedlight for indoor group photos under fluorescent lights, there is no need to use the anti-flicker function?

As your shutter speed with be the sync speed or lower it's not going to be an issue.

What may be an issue is the colour of the ambient light. All fluorescents used to have a very nasty green colour but these days you can get tubes that have warmer light. If you are able to use a camera setting that nukes the ambient light then you don't have to worry about this. If your speedlight is not powerful enough to overcome the ambient than you may have a problem.

Take a shot with the settings you are going to use without the speedlight but with the colour temperature set to ~550K. If the result is very dark you are OK, if it has a green tint than you need to use a colour correction gel on your flash, if it looks OK then carry on as normal.

I hope not to derail this thread but if you set ambient exposure to near dark and use 99 strobe for illumination should the anti-flicker be used?

I am guessing no, does it have any effect at all?

You've contributed to not derailed this thread.

If the ambient has minimal contribution to the exposure it doesn't matter what it's doing.

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