Can high quality LED lights be used for professional quality indoors portrait work?

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Re: Part of my point with this thread is to provide a heads up.

Ellis Vener wrote:

tugwilson wrote:

Ellis Vener wrote:

In terms of just converting electrical energy into visible light photons energy I definitely could have. But then I would not have model lights.

Yes that quite true.

However when these new conditions (very sensitive, low noise, sensors) are standard on digital cameras I would not be surprised to see vendors introduce relatively low powered studio strobes with very good colour consistency and quite high powered LED modelling lights.

Like the Elinchrom 1? The Paul C. Buff DigiBee?

I'm guessing the Digibee is ~40W. That's close to the minimum I'd expect (60W would be my starting point). The important thing is not to pretend it's useful for video. So don't worry about fan noise and I don't want to change the colour temperature.

The Elinchrom 1 is 20W which doesn't cut it for me, Also I think it has to be a mains device. The ELC125 with a 60W COB is closer to what I'm after.

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