Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Breathing room for the X-H2?

Samuraidog wrote:

I know we are talking about a different price range at $5.5k, but the Z9 looks amazing and AF tracking is on a whole new level. (Nigel Danson review of the Z9)

If Fujifilm can provide something similar with the X-H2 at $2.5k, it will be HUGE. I can't wait!

Why would fuji not be able to charge more than 2.5k then?

Look at canons sport bodies, with aps h, not far from apsc, they have been super expensive.

I really think, if fuji could cram sony a1/nikon z9 performance, minus sensor size, of course, could charge way more than 2.5k. I really do not understand this idea of the cap of 2.5k.

Now, fuji might not have the "eco system" for that type of camera, so it makes no sense per se. But an all dancing all singing xh-2 with blistering performance, could command more than 2.5k, a lot more, if the eco system was there. Now the eco system is a lens of 1 in my mind, for that type of camera.

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