I wish Sony would make a stills only camera.

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Re: I wish Sony would make a stills only camera.

Jared Weber wrote:

Who else doesn’t shoot video using their camera? Would it make sense for Sony to have a full frame camera catered to stills only shooters?

Sony could get rid of all the fancy video features and focus the camera purely on photography. I would love to see Sony do this one day.

I don't shoot video. It's a medium that has never appealed to me.

All cameras, by design, cater to photographers. Just as all camcorders cater to video. It's a form factor: one is a 2-handed form, designed for photography, while the other is a one-hand design for video.

With digital, we now have hybrids in each form factor: each can do what the other does ... just not as well.

So, IMHO, the real issue is how far will manufacturer's go when in comes to compromising functionality of a camcorder or camera to accommodate its secondary mode?

When I compare cameras and systems, it's purely from the their use for photography.  Theoretically, I should never see a compromise in a camera, especially a higher end camera like most FF's are.  If I did video, the same would hold true for comparing camcorders.

So, IF I see a compromise, yes it is a disappointment.  Depending on what it is, it can rule out a camera, or a system entirely.

And yes, I think photographers are seeing more "disappointments" in newer cameras these days.

Just me, but the IV does not bother me too much. If I needed what it does, minus any video functions, I'd get one. There are always compromises when deciding on gear.

Sony, in having multiple versions of the a7's, seemed to be offering clear options:  landscape\portrait option,  hybrid video-centric option, and an action-oriented option for sports, street, wildlife, etc.

With the new a7 IV, it seems Sony blurred that a bit.  In my 35 years in marketing multi-billion $ brands at the largest CPG multi-nationals,  let's say mistakes happen.  Maybe Sony is finding, or no longer sees, 3 versions of the a7 as viable (think Finance and P&L here), and the new IV is a consolidation. Or maybe a VP has his\her head up their backside. It happens.

But customers vote with the wallets. Time will tell what is the right direction. And if Sony gets it wrong, another manufacturer will fill the void.

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