Output sharpening for print in Photoshop?

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Output sharpening for print in Photoshop?

I've always read that there are 3 phases to sharpening:

  1. Capture
  2. Creative
  3. Output

I'm coming back to photography and printing after a hiatus. In the past I used Lightroom Classic along with Photoshop. I'd do the capture sharpening in Lightroom, and then I'd use the PixelGenius (Jeff Schewe, Bruce Fraser, Martin Evening, etc.) PhotoKit Sharpener plugins for creative and output sharpening.

Since then, Photoshop has evolved and the PixelGenius plugins are not being developed any longer. Also, I am now using Lightroom CC instead of Lightroom Classic (although I still own Lightroom CC and have access to it).

I know how to perform creative sharpening in both Lightroom and Photoshop.

For output sharpening, Lightroom CC makes that very easy: just choose print, the type of paper, and the amount, and that's it.

But what about output sharpening in Photoshop CC? Is there anything similar to what's available in Lightroom? If not, how do you recommend performing the output sharpening?

Right now, my workflow looks something like this:

  • Perform basic image adjustments and capture sharpening in Lightroom CC
  • Open image in Photoshop 
  • Perform creative sharpening (Unsharp Mask, Smart Sharpen, or High Pass Filter depending on the image, with local sharpening masks/adjustments if necessary)
  • Resize image for printing

After resizing the image for printing, I'm uncertain of the best approach to sharpening for print output at that point.

What would you suggest?

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