Can high quality LED lights be used for professional quality indoors portrait work?

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Re: Part of my point with this thread is to provide a heads up.

Ellis Vener wrote:

Earlier in this thread someone pointed out that I needed a 6000 quid camera to work cleanly at ISO 3200.

That is true.

But as with the near universal adoption of first autofocus, and then digital cameras and processing technology , the oncoming change over to stacked BSI CMOS sensor technology is going to changes to the tools we use to make photographs is going to change as well.

There will always be a place in the field of creative photography for electronic flash, but my prediction is that it is increasingly going to be a narrower place.

In situations where you can control the ambient and have access to mains power for the more powerful lights then I'm pretty convinces that continuous lights + modern sensor technology will let you produce excellent quality images with continuous lighting. If technologies like Lithium-Sulphur batteries can be made to work commercially (which is looking quite likely) then the mains requirement will go away.

We're light on details of the power of the two mystery lights you used but I'm guessing that with that camera and using those settings you could have shot the pictures with three speedlights

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