D780 AF problem for dogs with black faces

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Re: D780 AF problem for dogs with black faces

Craftsman70 wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

Mis focus is often though not always caused by the AF system not being able to focus accurately on what is underneath the selected AF point.

Yes, BUT why not eliminate other possibilities as well? And you would start with a known firm base for anything going forward. We know that part of the issue is not being able to lock on to the target due to the lack of contrast but why not verify that the shots that do lock on are as focused as possible?

The OP seems to be having problems with subject detail on which AF may not be accurate.

I find DSLR AF can be much more accurately than some mirrorless owners suggest - providing the AF subject is easy for phase detect AF to detect with accuracy.

As a subject gets less than ideal - such as lower contrast, finer detail etc I find phase detect AF had more random accuracy. This seems to be what the OP seems to be experiencing.

A starting point for checking if there is a front or back focus issue is to start with a very good for AF combined high quality testing technique. My experience is that when both of these demanding requirements are met to a good standards unless equipment has had an impact there is rarely a need for fine tune.

Some seem to misunderstand what fine tune can do.

Fine tune can do no more than rectify a consistent minor mis focus with almost all images in one specific direction with a specific lens on a number of different bodies, or a number of lenses on a specific body.

AF misses by a significant margin, only some AF misses (what the OP reports) or random in front or behind AF issues cannot be resolved with fine tune.

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