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Re: Obligatory cat pictures

Jeffry7 wrote:

RichDitch wrote:

Now I'm embarrassed!

No need to be IMO. You also have beautiful cats. Your shots have good composition, and I love the eye contact with Skippy in the second shot. I think these two photos can be improved with some post processing as the histograms are quite compressed making them look a bit flat. Spreading the histogram with Levels, and adding a bit more contrast with curves will improve them. I can do a quick example with your two photos if you'd like me to and add them to this thread.

Zane remastered

Hi Rich,

I think one of the really distracting things about the image was the noise. I had been reading about DxO's noise tools and decided to give the demo a whirl. Holy cow!

After that I followed your histogram suggestion in Lightroom Classic. (I am used to free tools and am still slow finding my way around in there.)

It does look better!

That definitely helps.

Yes, DxO's Deep Prime does amazing things, and I bought it after so many others in this forum praised it. I use it only for the noise reduction then pass the image on to Photoshop for everything else. It has made my N1 cameras tolerable in more situations.

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