Processing GFX100s files on an iPad?

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Processing GFX100s files on an iPad?

I use LR CC Classic on a desktop PC and a Fuji GFX100S set to raw 14 bit lossless.

My PC has an intel i9 processor, 32 GB RAM and a SSD for programs and catalogue but not for the data. 6GB graphics card. The PC is 30 months old.

Maybe I have my LR settings wrong but I have to wait 5-10 seconds on each file if I want to view a part at 100%. It’s not a deal breaker for one or two shots but gets time consuming if I’m checking focus on quite a few at 100%.

My wife Ann uses a Nikon 24 MB camera and processes exclusively on LR CC (not Classic) using an iPad 12.9” screen. I see no time Lag in processing.

I don’t know how LR CC (cloud) works, is the file downloaded then the processing done on a small preview file, possibly, to cut/reduce any time lags?

Is it feasible to process GFX100S files this way, using LR CC (cloud) on an iPad? Or will it be slow?

I think I could cope with the different processing commands between CC Classic and CC.

We do print and I have asked a separate question on the print forum about pigment printing direct from an iPad.

Another alternative is a 16” Mac Pro M1 but this option is a much higher cost, initially at least, if not when considering that it may last longer.

And of course I could reduce pixel peeping and carry on as I am now with no additional expense!

Thanks for any advice.

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