Memory use in LR Classic

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Memory use in LR Classic

I updated LR Classic and fired it back up to try out the new auto masking. There's a whole lot of gimmick and marketing BS in this industry, but the auto masking appears to be a genuine feature breakthrough. It works far better than I thought it would in practice-- really impressive and useful.

That being said... I haven't used Lr Classic much in the last 6-10 months (I get a CC subscription with my job as I work in the academic sector), so I'm not sure if my high RAM usage is a new thing or not.

With my library of ~28k photos open, and doing some light editing and trying out the auto mask features (with a couple subtract masks etc), I noticed that LR Classic was using a HUGE amount of RAM.

LR Classic was using a little over 15GB of RAM (!). Out of curiosity I added up all of the little Adobe processes (only the Creative Cloud and LR apps were open) and came up with a staggering 22.11GB of RAM being used (!). This is on my M1 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM-- almost 10GB was swapping to disk.

Is this really high RAM usage a new issue, or have others noticed this for a while (this may have always been an issue and I just didn't notice). Is this any different on PC versions of Lightroom? I didn't think 16GB would be inadequate for LR, but maybe it is now, with a decent size library at least?

Thanks for any thoughts.

EDIT: fixed screenshot

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