Any real-world feedback on the Lumix Vario 45-200mm v.II?

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Re: Any real-world feedback on the Lumix Vario 45-200mm v.II?

MiguelATF wrote:

I know that the first version (v.I, which originally was introduced in 2010) of this lens generally didn't get great responses, from many users and a few reviewers. The 2nd version (v.II) of the lens came out in late 2017 and, supposedly, had identical components - but a theoretically much improved O.I.S. system (Power OIS vs. the earlier Mega OIS), which allowed users of a number of newer Lumix bodies to make use of Panasonic's 'Dual OIS' system (combining both the lens's OIS + the camera's built-in IBIS, in a way that the earlier Mega OIS equipped lenses were unable to).

Dual IS has nothing to do with Power OIS or Mega OIS. It is solely depending on whether Panny would like to replace the existing model, or would allow DUAL IS through firmware.

Around similar time Panny released 14~42PZ and 45~175PZ, both are Power OIS lenses. When DUAL was introduced, Panny had a plan to give DUAL IS to both lenses by firmware update. 45~175PZ had received its update a few years ago but nothing for 14~42PZ yet.

The cheapy 45~150 is a Mega OIS lens, through a firmware update among the earliest batch of DUAL IS updates, it is now DUAL IS 2 compatible lens.

The premium class 12,~35 f/2.8 is a DUAL IS compatible lens, but Panny rolled out the mk-Ii for DUAL IS 2.

Therefore, it is just the lens road map of Panny, nothing to do with Mega or Power OIS.

I'm wondering if anyone who's actually used or shot with the newer version of this lens - coupled with one of the newer Lumix bodies - could share their 'real-world' impressions of the lens?

I have mk-I for 11 years, never happy with its IQ. Since the optical formula of mk-II is the same as mk-I, no interest to follow its upgrading just for DUAL IS.

Been advised to shoot mk-I at f/7.1 or slower for the best sharpness, yes but still not good as the cheaper 45~150. The beauty of 45-150 is not only it is DUAL IS, cheaper, smaller but also can capture sharp image on wide open. f/5.6 vs f/7.1~f/8 is a different game.

TBH, on the long end, 14~140 f/3.5-5.6 (I use the mk-I) indeed is the best of these 3 @140/150 range.

Both Panasonic and Olympus have a history of occasionally producing some 'kit' or less expensive 'consumer' lenses which punch far above their weight, metaphorically speaking; I'm wondering if, in its 2nd iteration, how this lens has fared among the relatively small number of photographers who have actually used it?

If you can do with 140/150/175, I would put this lens to the last of your list.

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