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Franno83 wrote:

davesurrey wrote:

Hi Fran,
Firstly my condolences on losing your father. I lost my Mother 4 years ago at the grand old age of 97 and I still miss her.

I used to have an FZ200, replaced it with an FZ1000 and now have replaced that with an FZ1000ii and I couldn’t be happier. I admit to having far too many digital cameras but the FZ1000ii is the one I usually grab when I am out for a casual shoot. Unless I need something much more compact or specialised like for air-shows.

It does have a lot of features and I find the Graham Haughton book and his web site very useful and far more accessible than the official manual.

Even without Covid the dedicated camera market is a strange one and I doubt there will be a Mark iii so make the best of what you have. It will rarely disappoint.

Hi Dave,

Many thanks for your kind condolences. However prepared we feel we may be, it still comes as a shock.

Glad to hear you are enjoying the FZ1000 ii too. Good advice to have a look at the Graham Haughton tutorials. I certainly did that when I bought the FZ82 and must have another look.

I'm also investigating processing software which is another minefield altogether! Do you have a particular preference?

Banbury, UK
Panasonic FZ1000 ii


Well choosing processing software seems to be quite a personal experience so why not have a look at some that offer a free time limited trial.

Personally I use Affinity when I need a powerful app eg when I do some photo restoration occasionally for folk.  I do have Photshop CS6 but never got on with it somehow. Many will disagree no doubt. Affinity is also incredibly good value at £50 and I even got mine half price at the Photographic Show two years ago.

As you no doubt know it doesn't have the best raw developer so for that I either use DXO PhotoLab or a dedicated one for the particular camera I am using at the time e.g. DPP for Canon or Silkypix for Panasonic cameras.

Topaz also make several dedicated tools e.g. DeNoise which lean heavily on AI although they do have manual controls too. But DXO has many followers for noise reduction too.

For simple jobs I have used Irfanview or even Picasa (with the mod that centres the sliders) but there are many other free and simple ones out there.



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