The A1000 beats them all (SX740, ZS80, HX99)!

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The A1000 beats them all (SX740, ZS80, HX99)!

When I dropped my A1000 recently, I thought it could be an opportunity to enter a new period / look at something new. But there isn't any news or even rumor about a new pocket superzoom, so finally I looked at two other pocket superzooms I don't already own, namely the Panasonic ZS80 and Sony HX99.

The short verdict is: The Nikon A1000 beats them all (Canon SX740 HS, Panasonic ZS80, Sony HX99)!

I didn't look at websites that simply compare camera parameters or just talk; I looked for reviews that contain real sample photos of the same scene taken with both the A1000 and the camera in comparison, which is the ultimate evidence that judges two cameras' IQ.

Reviews that only talk may not tell the truth. For example, this New York Times review says: "Compared with other pocketable long-zoom cameras we tested (often referred to collectively as “travel zooms”), the Sony HX99 captured sharper shots with markedly more detail, in part because it performs less destructive noise reduction than competitors such as the Canon SX740 HS and Nikon A1000." But my photo-backed comparisons below will show it isn't so.

1. The Nikon A1000 beats the Canon SX740 HS

I know this because I still own both models and performed both handheld and on-tripod tests to compare them:

Among these tests, my favorite example is a red rectangular area at the center of the view. Viewed at 100% zoom, you can see the Nikon shot simply shows more detail of the red rectangle than the best Canon shot:

Left: A1000 at 840mm. Right: SX740 at 960mm.

2. The Nikon A1000 beats the Panasonic ZS80

This review exactly compares the A1000 and ZS80 from 24mm wide angle all the way to the telephoto end (840mm vs. 720mm) in terms of IQ, and deems the A1000 to have sharper and more detailed results all the way.

3. The Nikon A1000 beats the Sony HX99 has an A1000 review and an HX99 review that contain some sample photos suitable for side-by-side comparison. Two key pairs of sample photos for comparison I have found are:

Pair 1

HX99: 1/250s, f/8, ISO 100, 377mm

A1000: 1/500s, f/6.3, ISO 100, 400mm

Pair 2

HX99: 1/500s, f/6.4, ISO 80, 720mm

A1000: 1/320s, f/8, ISO 100, 840mm

For pair 1, the A1000 obviously performs better than the HX99.

Pair 2 doesn't make a good comparison as the two photos don't show exactly the same scene and focus is not certain for each shot. For most parts the A1000 shot is still sharper and more detailed, but I hope a better telephoto-end photo comparison can be found.

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