No luck with Pixel RW-221 (Oppilas) Wireless Remote Control for FZ1000ii

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No luck with Pixel RW-221 (Oppilas) Wireless Remote Control for FZ1000ii

This post is meant as more of a review rather than a thread, however the small piece of made-in-China hardware could not be found in the list of hardware to choose from when writing a review (to be honest it does not deserve to be). I am just writing it for others, should anyone search for an opinion. So far I have been mostly asking around on this forum, so this time let me try to re-pay by contributing this way.

The unit comes from on Amazon in Europe, it was labeled as Wireless Remote Control Oppilas, and the brand name is Pixel ( It might be available under different names, as it often happens with Chinese stuff. Of a collection of different variants for different camera models, this one is labeled RW-221 and is meant for use with FZ1000 and FZ1000ii. The latter being my camera.

Box contents:

  • Transmitter (the remote piece in your hand)
  • Receiver (on cold shoe, mounted on the camera)
  • ca 30cm mini-jack (2.5mm) connector cable (to connect the receiver with the camera's Remote input)
  • user manual leaflet (Chinese and English).

2x2xAAA batteries not included.

The transmitter has two mechanical switches on it - a shutter release button and a slider for drive mode selection.

The button has obviously a two-stage operation, for half-way focus and shutter. Mechanically - total cr*p. Sometimes gets stuck on its way back and you can end up with camera taking pictures after you thought you released the button. While writing this post, I still have green light on the transmitter, lit continuously, where as the manual says green only appears in half-way press.

The switch has a total of 0.5cm (1/5 inch) of travel, divided into 4 positions: single shot, serial shot, bulb and timer. As you can imagine, dividing 0.5cm to serve 4 different positions, requires a lot of finger precision from you to operate, and there is no back-light or even a graphical alignment indicator on the slider to let you know which position it is at. In bright desktop light I was barely confident what the current mode is. The only way to know is to basically move the slider to an edge and count the notches as you move the little piece. Now, imagine you are shooting outdoors, at night, in gloves, in low temp. Can't picture this. But read on to see why it doesn't really matter.

First attempts to get any sort of action were unsuccessful, before I realized that the cable has to be plugged the other way around. The receiver (mounted on a cold shoe) has its cable input on the opposite side with respect to where the other end goes on FZ1000ii. So the cable has to go right across the back of camera, unless of course you wind it somehow around the hot-shoe to minimize cable sticking out and getting in the way between your eye and the viewfinder/LCD.

The shooting drive on the transmitter appears though to be of no significance, as - regardless of the setting - it always obeys the drive set on the camera body. You can have bulb mode set and keep the button pressed down for a minute - it will follow the drive dial anyway and take a single shot if this happens to be the current mode. You can spot a bird or northern light and want to shoot multiple pictures immediately - but no go - you need to set the mode on the camera first.

Thus, the whole doohickey boils down to be just a single button device, so it is more or less an equivalent of DMW-RS2 or ImageApp on my mobile (which of course might not be such a convenient thing to use, esp. in cold weather conditions). Therefore, don't be lured by the capabilities hinted by the picture. This thing barely works.

The user manual leaflet - apart from being written in poor English - is an insult for human. Says more about electronic, vibration, interference, proper insertion and careful use of batteries, being cautious otherwise, than it does about using the device.

"Now you can start to use incredible PIXEL product"

Please feel free to ask me more questions or hints. I might throw some incredible product pictures if needed as well. Save your buck for a better case. Don't buy this guano.

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