Any video shooters familiar with green screen?

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Re: Any video shooters familiar with green screen?

posterdamien wrote:

I am doing tech reviews and recently set up a green screen but whenever I have a dark object in my hands and I lift it up slightly, everything becomes overexposed. So things work as long as I don't have anything in my hands. Any ideas?

I tried different lighting setups and changing aperture, etc.

I am not working with green screens, but the obvious issues are distance to the green screen and distance from the lighting. As both get larger, things get easier.

As to your problem, set the exposure measurement on the camera to flexible spot (you) or fixed. You may be in 'center averaged' or some setting like this. Somehow the dark object moving around affects the exposure and the camera adjust automatically. You can also set the measurement to a corner in the background, which doesn't change in lighting, so the exposure won't vary.

Changing aperture does not prevent the camera from adjusting exposure - you have to both fix aperture and shutter speed (yes, even in video).

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