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you skipped a major upgrade imo

cameranutmuzz wrote:

It's a long time between drinks. Nothing much happening from Olympus and its new owners. In the meantime, every camera manufacturer are releasing their latest version of mirrorless cameras, especially full frame cameras.

The mark 3 adds many very useful features using computational photography over the mark 2.

I have an E-M1 mark 2 (same sensor so why upgrade to the mark 3) which has served me very well, especially with a host of extremely good lenses from Olympus.

However........I couldn't resist the temptation of upgrading to a Nikon Z7 to see if I would dump the Olympus.

Hosanna, I'm keeping my Olympus and lenses!

There's no denying that if you are a pixel peeper, the Nikon is amazingly sharp with better resolution. But is it so much better? I my opinion, in good light, it is very hard to tell the difference between cameras. In low light, the Nikon Z7 is not a great performer, but then again, the Olympus is not brilliant.

I find that with the right noise reduction applications ( I use Topaz) there is very little difference in the end result when comparing cameras.

Using Hand Held Hi Rez mode the 16 shots combine to give you 4 times the light to work with compared to the Z7.  You'll get true color at each pixel as well as much better noise.
Some of my best landscapes have been shot in that mode.

So what does this all mean? It means that in normal situations, with good light I will take both cameras for use (as I have more specialist Olympus lenses). If travelling, there is no question, the Olympus wins hands down. They are smaller, lighter, and just very tactile to handle, I love them.

The end result is that neither camera is 'the better camera'. What that means to Olympus owners is that you have superb equipment that if used correctly, also with the right applications, you have a top notch camera to rival the best of full sensor cameras costing two to three times as much.

Hand held focus stacking is also great for close ups.
I shoot both Olympus and Sony systems so I'm just pointing out there's a bit more in the Olympus system you're missing out on with the Mark II (which I also have) as compared to the III or the X.

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