Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: Breathing room for the X-H2?

Claes wrote:

I think the x-h2 needs to differentiate itself from an xt5, not the same camera in different body kind of thing the x-h1.

It's obvious, otherwise +1$k for reinforced body only would be too much.

I do not think we will get sony/canon AF with next gen fuji, it has taken them a LONG time to get there.

Maybe not as good as in the latest S/C bodies, but AF is the one of the biggest drawbacks of X-system. The would be no reason to cook hi-end 150-600 without complementary body for wildlife/sport. I believe H2 should aim this segment - much better AF and H1-style  reinforced body. Why to buy it otherwise?

~$2.5k would be OK for competitve AF, stacked sensor, adequate processing power (dual CPU?), bigger battery (or integrated grip) and X-H1 class body.

Fuji is much smaller than them, it should really take longer, if at all.

True, but H2 should't be smaller than H1, for max portability we have E or Txx line.

Keep the x-h1 body, awesome as it is. Grip could be fuller, a bit "thin" width wise.

Then make it properly powerful, so it really stands out compared to an xt5, that gets the same sensor.


This is a very hot topic, but for now we don't know too much except gossips about the sensor, approximate price and two versions/flavours. I think this might be clever if Fuji gives video-centric 8k version with FAS and better heat dissipation system in non sealed body together with wildlife oriented weatherproof model having tilt screen. I believe wildlife shooters won't need 8k video at all, while much bette C-AF performance and 20fps burst with no rolling shutter would be really appreciated.

I don't know if Sony really succeded (in terms of $income) with their R/S line split, but Fuji could do similar trick with 2 versions of H2. Unfortunately the more specific camera the higher price, and sky is not the limit in this case... Canon learned the lesson with R line and is back in the game. Would be very interesting if they release APS-C 7d successor (I don't expect that, but we never know...)

Anyway I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the X-H2. Hopefully in 4-6 months everything should be clear, meanwhile I'm happy with my X-T3 :).



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