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I'd suggest you bump up your budget a little. I just got done buying a new tripod (FLM CP30-L4 II) and after looking through what's out there, I realized most of what you want can be satisfied by upping your price.

Here are some to look at:

Leofoto LS-325C+LH-40

Leofoto LS-324CEX

Leofoto LS-365C

And the one I bought:


I am about 6'1". When fully extended, the baseplate of the tripod is definitely head level. Even higher IIRC. When you add a leveling adapter, fluid head and camera, that distance goes even higher. This isn't the best size for travel as it is right around 23" retracted, with nothing attached. I suppose if you check in luggage, it's very easy. I'm more a carry-on traveler myself.

My old tripod used to fit into my carry on luggage, but that's the compromise with having a taller sturdier tripod. When you're talking tripods in general, that is the main thing to consider. Compromise. Do you want a tripod that's more light and compact when packed? Ok, but you have to sacrifice stability and overall load carry capacity. Do you want something stable? Ok, but you have to sacrifice on size. Do you want something cheap? Ok, but at the cost of weight.

There's a reason why carbon fiber is so widely used in tripod construction. It's material properties are ideal for the application. Light, stiff, and less prone to vibration.

With that said, do NOT skimp on the ballhead or whatever head you end up using. I'd argue that you can make a tripod system with an average set of legs better by upgrading to a really good head, but you can't make a tripod system with an average ballhead better by upgrading the legs.

Don't forget to look at the Kirk Products for ballheads and other gear. They are amazing.

Kirk Photo

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