Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: New product strategy coming for Fujifilm?

palane wrote:

The reason why the same sensor can be reused in the numerous models is that the first camera released " probably" pays for the R&D if it sells well.

The expected sequence of bodies is likely H2. T5. Pro4. All dual slot flagshippish style bodies with high prices.Then the smaller bodies will follow S20 T40 E5,with 100 series in the mix somewhere.

I'm not too certain we will see the Bayer sensors again?

The current sensor processor combo is being drained for every last $,with WWT3/MK2 T30.These 2 recent bodies make the 8th and 9th to use the current generation.Fuji have never done this before.

I understand why a manufacturer would want to do reskin jobs. GM and Ford did it for years until they went bankrupt. Hasselblad tried it on some Sony models - we just made fun of them when it came out - but they were also limited editions for very limited sales. It doesn't work for high volume products.

Also when your top end is 1699 and bottom end is 999 - it can work for a while. Even at 1699 for the X-Pro line - they didn't expect high sales for it. It is a low sales model and one could argue the range finder and OVF commanded a premium.

But when they tried it for the X-H1 at 1899 and expect high sales - we all saw the push back on it. Not enough difference.

Now they want to try it at over 2K? I highly doubt it. The spread from top to bottom is just too much - you may as well paint the word "sucker" on the earlier adopters for the first release model of a stacked sensor camera if they are going to stick the same sensor / processor in a $999 model within a year.

The price spread of high to low cannot be that much if one wants to follow a reskin strategy.

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