D780 AF problem for dogs with black faces

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Re: D780 AF problem for dogs with black faces

Kelley Hoffman wrote:

Robert Cohen wrote:

Kelley Hoffman wrote:

Belgian Tervuren. My D7000 never had a problem with same lens. I gave it and my old 70-200 f2.8 to my daughter so I have to make due with this D780 lol. There has to be a way.


Nice breed.

What AF setting are you using? As I said, I've had success with Group, while people often recommend one of the D settings for action like busy dogs.

I would think the D780 ought to perform no less well than the D7000 under similar conditions.

Got sidetracked with school assignments. I was using default settings.Switched to shutter priority which seemed to help. Forget what other changes. Will look. A friend generously had a book from amazon sent to me. Haven't gotten into it yet.

I ended up shooting the puppies outside on a gray day.(A bit cold, but they did ok.) Got some good ones but DOF was too narrow. That's on me.

Some problems:

1)I thought my auto ISO was set to go as high as needed to some limit and it didnt go as high as I needed. So I guess I need to raise my minimum on days like that if I can figure it out.

2)My depth of field was too narrow at 2.8. I used to shoot puppies at 2.8 on D7000 with no problem. But with D780 on the gray day, in most cases I had to at 2.8 because of low light and my ISO wasn't going high enough which I didn't realize.

3) Sometimes it is front focusing. I can tell by looking at focal points.

4) Sometimes on their faces their nose leather and hair on their muzzle AND hair on forehead is sharp. Everything in between muzzle and forehead not sharp. So aound the eyes, between muzzle and forehead, not sharp. This makes no sense to me as eyes and forehead on same plane. With one focal point ideally I want it in on eye or between the eyes. Haven't figured out how to get one focal point.

5) I don't get how to move multi focal points where I want them or how to use them.

Remember this is portait work, but sure sometimes they move.


#4 is kind of odd that the middle won't be sharp.  However, judging from your point #3, have you AF-fine tuned your lens?

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