Breathing room for the X-H2?

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Re: New product strategy coming for Fujifilm?

Batdude wrote:

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Claes wrote:

I think the x-h2 needs to differentiate itself from an xt5, not the same camera in different body kind of thing the x-h1.

I do not think we will get sony/canon AF with next gen fuji, it has taken them a LONG time to get there.

Fuji is much smaller than them, it should really take longer, if at all.

Keep the x-h1 body, awesome as it is. Grip could be fuller, a bit "thin" width wise.

Then make it properly powerful, so it really stands out compared to an xt5, that gets the same sensor.

I think the X-H2 will differentiate itself from the X-T5 (and other Fuji cameras) by the sensor.

There is no way the X-T5 has a 40MP stacked sensor. It would cost the same as the X-H2.

Fuji will need another sensor for the other lines (X-E, X-T40, X-S20) anyway...

I also think the X-H2 will have a flipoy screen (and maybe unlabeled dials) while the X-T5 will come back to a tilting screen like the X-T3.

Dear lord I hope not. I hope the XH2 has a tilt screen that moved in multiple directions. The XT4 lighter body came with a flippy screen and I think that will remain as the best camera for vloggers since they don't like heavy bodies. The XH2 should have a tilt screen like the panasonic S series bodies or the new nikon Z9. But then again Fuji has been making way too many wacky bodies lately so who knows what da heck they will come out with next.

Canon on the other hand has gone 100% flippy screen, which I personally do not like. Darn flippy screens!

That was my thinking as well - Fujifilm cannot afford to put a stacked sensor in a $999 body.

Their strategy of reusing the same sensor and processor across a price range of 1899 to 999 bodies didn't work. Even the X-T4 - 1699 is really hard for them to hold onto.

If they want to push pass 2K into 2199 - 2499 pricing - that sensor / processor combo cannot be seen to be coming in a $999 body in 6 months time.

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