I wish Sony would make a stills only camera.

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Re: And no AF or auto anything

joger wrote:

nzmacro wrote:

That's what I would like and also no rear screen. Why is simple, I'm selfish

You know the spooky part, it would cost more than what we have now. Go figure.


actually that all exists:

  • switch to MF
  • manual exposure
  • switch off the back screen

These are all software features and that's why it does not make any sense to debate about it.

The OP might not have considered that most if not all SW features can be disabled.

That does not change the perception that the A7 IV is a rather uninspired camera for a photographer - I guess that's the underlining wish.

But there are many photographer oriented cameras in existence from many manufacturers - also from Sony - they have an "R" in the name 🤫

I think it's fair to say that the a9x models and the a1 are also primarily photography oriented. As any model with a stacked sensor (which is an expensive component that is mainly useful for stills rather than video) is likely to be.

I.e. it's not just limited to the "R" series. ; )

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