D780 AF problem for dogs with black faces

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Re: Pictures or it didn't happen

primeshooter wrote:

You need to provide images to really get to the bottom of this, but it is probably a contrast issue, AF system's need it.

The original problem in my post was I couldnt take a photo. In even shade (sun too harsh on these dogs, and lose detail), I was waiting for the right shot, there it is, no AF, shutter won't release. Ack! Shot gone. Mind you these dogs want to be right on you all the time. With no helper I may be at it for 2-3 hours trying to devise ways to get them 6' away from me. Takes a ton of patience to wait for the shots. So imagine my frustration when the shot is there briefly and camera says nope, not going to let you take this shot. That's when I was in aperture priority. Changing to shutter priority helped immensely. Now dealing with finetuning it not wanting to focus around the eyes. It was also available light related. Could take the shot in full sunlight, but not in full shade, and it shoul have been able to do it in full shade.


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