Canon EOS 90D from a hobbyist's perspective

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Canon EOS 90D from a hobbyist's perspective

I bought the 90D after months of research. My requirements were:

  • current EyeAF for family pictures
  • didn't want to spend a ton of money (up to 2000€ for a camera with two lenses)
  • preferably good lens system, thats not to expensive and allows to have a big travelzoom

I looked at the Sony A6300, Fuji XS-10, Canon EOS RP but every camera had a drawback for me. Especially the lack for a dslm travelzoom like a 18-300 (at this time) and the prices for lenses, which always blowed up my budget.

After a few months with the 90D I'm very happy with my choice for following reasons:

+ Bodysize: The big body fits comfortably in my hand, and even heavy lenses are easy to handle

+ Sensor: The big sensor lets you crop a lot without noticable drop in quality.

+ Ergonomics: The position of all buttons and dials are logical for me and after a short time I was able to control the camera without checking first where the desired button is.

+ Batterylife: Just awesome. I shot 500 pictures in one day and still had about half of the batterylife left over. But i guess it strongly depends on how much you use the LifeView.

+ Display: The touch display is fast, responsive, and you can fully control your settings with it.

+ Silent shutter in LifeView: At first I didn't know the 90D has this feature. It's awesome for taking pictures in silent. For example when my kids are playing and i dont want to disturb them and the atmosphere.

+ lens system: I'd say the EF/EF-S system is fully developed, you can get every lens type you'd want. And you can buy used cheap EFs lenses or go with a new pricy Canon EF L. The choice is yours.

Of course they're a few negative points to consider:

- Weight: Running around a whole day with the 90D can be exhausting. I bought a hand wrist strap, so i can relax my fingers when I'm not taking pictures. It works really well for me.

- EyeAF only in LifeView: Of course I knew this drawback before buying.

- Sigma lenses firmware: In the past I made good experience with Sigma, so I bought the 18-300mm and the 30mm F1.4. After months I noticed that the pictures I shot while using the OVF are constantly overexposed, in LifeView everything was fine. After research it turns out, that a lot of Sigma lenses have this issue with the 90D. Therefore I bought the Sigma dock and updated the lenses. But the overexposure continued, so I had to send the lenses to Sigma to fix this problem. Sigma customer service ist great though.

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Canon EOS 90D
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Canon EOS 90D
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