I wish Sony would make a stills only camera.

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Re: I wish Sony would make a stills only camera.

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Who else doesn’t shoot video using their camera? Would it make sense for Sony to have a full frame camera catered to stills only shooters?

Sony could get rid of all the fancy video features and focus the camera purely on photography. I would love to see Sony do this one day.

It wouldn't be cheaper.

It wouldn't have more stills features.

It wouldn't have any better stills quality.

It wouldn't sell well.

You can bet that if there was a profitable market for a stills only camera, all the big players would be selling one.

Perfect reply.

Some people just don't understand what makes a camera cheap or expensive.

But... the OP did not say the desire for a stills-only camera comes from a hope it'd be cheaper. So I'm not sure - what are you referring to?

You have to read between the lines

It's obviously a money reason. Otherwise there's already a perfect stills camera: the Sony A1.

It's not obvious to me at all

Sice you mentioned it, take A1. It's a very capable stills camera, no question about it. But it might be even better - at least to some people.

Without mic/headphone jacks and HDMI port, it could be smaller/ligher. Without worrying about overheating, it could be smaller. Menus would be smaller without all the options related to video.

That's why you have to be able to read between the lines.

The A1 has a stacked sensor that is completely useless in video. The scan rate is limited to 60Hz in video but it's unlocked at 250Hz in stills. The 30fps burst rate is also useless in video. Even animal / bird eye af doesn't work in video.

Overheating is not only caused by video. The camera generates a lot of heat in stills as well, this is due to the sensor and new CPU, as well as the CFE-a cards. In fact, some people have managed to go beyond the low temperature threshold in stills. So the heatsink would still be needed even as a stills only camera.

So you can see it's a camera that is made purely for stills, and then Sony added that REC button, which you can reassign to something else that you can use in stills.

I really doubt the removal of HDMI/mic/headphone ports would allow the camera to be made smaller.

The menus would largely be the same as well, and you can just skip the movies section.

Of course the camera could be better, but that's completely independent of the support for video. From what I see, the removal of video features would not allow the camera to be any better in stills.

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