I wish Sony would make a stills only camera.

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Re: I wish Sony would make a stills only camera.

pollup wrote:

techjedi wrote:

Jared Weber wrote:

Who else doesn’t shoot video using their camera? Would it make sense for Sony to have a full frame camera catered to stills only shooters?

Sony could get rid of all the fancy video features and focus the camera purely on photography. I would love to see Sony do this one day.

It wouldn't be cheaper.

It wouldn't have more stills features.

It wouldn't have any better stills quality.

It wouldn't sell well.

You can bet that if there was a profitable market for a stills only camera, all the big players would be selling one.

Perfect reply.

Some people just don't understand what makes a camera cheap or expensive.

But... the OP did not say the desire for a stills-only camera comes from a hope it'd be cheaper. So I'm not sure - what are you referring to?

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