End of Zone - Hyperfocal focusing with DFA 21mm Limited

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End of Zone - Hyperfocal focusing with DFA 21mm Limited

Remember Hyperfocal and/or zone focusing? How about, "f/8 and be there"?

Starting with manual focusing lenses and carrying through till now, it was a way to pre-focus a lens by setting the aperture to f8 (red lettering) and setting the focus distance scale to whatever red numbers (in the example below it would be 5 ft/1.5 m), it has and then everything is in focus from infinity to roughly half of the focus distance. The range of what should be in focus is shown with the depth of field markings. (Using a hyperfocal calculator the focus point is actually 5.6 ft).

Here is what it looked like on an A 20mm f2.8.

This technique has been useful for street shooting, i.e., "f8 and be there", and with wide angle landscape shots where you want everything from the interesting foreground to infinity to be in focus.

It was the relatively long focus throw of manual lenses which allowed for such a technique. The range of the depth of field markings were wide enough apart to be able to fairly accurately set the pre-focus point. Not anymore.

I was looking at the new DFA 21mm f2.4 Limited (which is a work of art) and compared it with the DA 21mm f3.2 Limited and the FA 31mm f1.8 Limited.

Starting from old to new, see anything about that depth of field scale over time? And I thought the DA 21mm had a short focus throw. Anybody want to try and use zone/hyperfocal focusing with the new 21mm? I'm not seeing a 5 ft mark. Only at f16 where the focus point is 3 ft might work. There simply is not enough focus throw to do it accurately.

If you want fast focusing, you apparently need to give something up. I'm going to have to remember some basic 21mm hyperfocal distance data and get good at judging distances.

21mm with FF sensor (Hyperfocal focus distance)

f8 --- 6.1 ft

f11 -- 4.4 ft

f13 -- 3.9 ft

f16 -- 3.1 ft

Should be here mid November. Can't wait.

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