You like editing...but are you any good at it?

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You like editing...but are you any good at it?

I have noticed since the beginning that many on DPR forums like to shoot raw and edit their images, some are very adamant about it.

The point being editing a raw file or even a jpeg(in this case it doesn't matter) brings out the best from the camera. But that's the thing- having the possibility(computer, software) and the required skills are two different things.

I've seen multiple threads where people wanted to know what's wrong with their images, only to find out they messed around with raw files and ended up with various faults in their final images, like halos, pixelation etc.

Even when the user is experienced enough to avoid these beginner mistakes, is all editing equal?

I feel that poor editing can ruin a photo just as well as shooting jpeg with the worst setings.

Editing is definitely an art in itself, since with modern raw files and software an image can change quite a lot from the moment it was captured to it's final presentation.

At the end, two questions:

-are you aware of your editing skills and your limitations in this area?

- should beginners focus more on their shooting skills or their editing skills? Or maybe do both at the same time?

Personally i can say i took me years to develop my own style of doing things when it comes to editing and i spent lots of hours trying to figure out how to correct mistakes, and despite all my effort i'm still a beginner in this area. Luckily for me i usually require minor tweaks to jpeg files, so i usually spend around 5 minutes or less on every photo I decide to edit.

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