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Thanks to all of you for your valuable input! Given some of the above exchanges, I see that I am not the only one being undecided about which way to go, or feeling bad/sad about Nikon's current situation/reputation (justified or not).

Sports photography is not my main activity, but it is effectively the only one I still use my Nikon DSLRs for. As life is too short, I might as well try to select the best tool for the job (within budgetary reason since I don't earn money from this).

The collective forum wisdom (if there is such a thing :-D) seems to be on waiting and seeing what the Z9 delivers, but (alas?), I have come across a too-good-to-pass deal on a very nice A9 (2000€). That and the excitement around the announcement of the 70-200 GM II made me pull the trigger.

I have played a bit with the camera already (on the excellent 24-105G and Batis 85 1.8 so far). No buyer remorse yet, the AF is as good as expected, and the ergonomy a clear step (or two) up from the A7 II, even if the grip is still not as good as Z6's and the buffer clearing time, even with an UHS-II card, is much longer than on the Z6 with an XQD card. Shooting 100% in silent electronic shutter mode is also pretty enthusing, even though Z6's shutter is honestly pretty quiet.

I might test the body a little further before fully committing to the system, but it looks like I'm in for a Sony 100-400 and new 70-200 GM soon, and will unload a ton of Nikon stuff.

As much as I'd like to adopt the Z9, it will probably be more expensive than I want and, more importantly, some lenses still not exist in Nikon Z mount (I shoot most of my outdoors sports photographs with a 100-400).

Biggest concern? Being struck by a severe form of GAS. Have you seen all those Sony FE mount lenses?

You should have waited for the Z9 launch, it’s looking like a breakthrough camera in all aspects, even though it will likely take some time to get one and price is likely to be 3x what you paid for the used a9. Good luck!

I don't think that's practical considering the OP figured it was 3 times in cost. Also it's months out, and Sony has a used product that satisfied his needs. That's compounded by Sony updating their lenses, in this case, likely eliminating any gap between the Sony 70-200 and the 70-200e / 70-200S.

Tough spot for Nikon. Every little thing compounds the fact that they were too late to the game. As I mentioned previously, the Z9, whatever it might be, has to now filter down to the masses in a low cost body.

Nikon doesn't have time or in the position to play marketing games, like 50 teaser videos. Assuming the product is finalized, they need to say "Here's what we have" Doesn't need to be in stores, but it needs to be out there, including the "surprise price" that NikonRumors mentioned.

If I were in the position Nikon is it, I'd do that and price it about $5000 US. So what if they don't make enough profit on it. They're going to bleed anyway. A stellar Z9 at $5000 US would give pros a bonus as well as make it more in reach of enthusiasts who might stretch a $3500 purchase to a $5000 purchase. I might even get over my "I'm never using an adapter" if they put out an improved FTZ to go along with a $5000 Z9.

And it might slow down the rush to Canon and Sony.

Never going to happen of course.

I quite agree with you on the price... I am actually on a Pre-Order list with my local B&M shop but I told my dealer that I will buy it only if the price is $6K or less... I am still not comfortable with EVFs specially for Action shots.... My issue with EVF is still the LAG between real time and the virtual image off the EVF.... regardless of the "No Blackout" capability there is still a lag. It is very important to me that the virtual image is as close to real time in the EVF since I do compose from the Viewfinder while the action is happening... Spray and Pray just does not do it for me. I will make a final decision to buy after I get to handle a Z9... otherwise I will either buy a D5 or D6 instead (used or refurbished).

Same here. I'm choosing the background (as much as the situation allows) while tracking the subject. A minimal delay, I guess, I could learn to accommodate. I use my left eye to look around the viewfinder and keep track of the background somewhat exclusive from the camera.

Or maybe yet another generation wait is needed. ?? Don't know.

Actually I have an idea how to overcome that Delay or Lag through electronic Time Shifting, however, it maybe costly and maybe a bit difficult for a regular user to understand and use - it would work like a very fast TIVO.... My background is in Semiconductors, I would love to get a chance to work on such a project one last time before I retire... OK Nikon - Hire me!

Have you seen Jeff Cable's presentation on shooting the Tokyo Olympics with the R3? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83uRsk4E1vU

Or Steve Perry's in-depth review of the Sony A1? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnN2IhsYK_M

I'd say the current gen of EVFs in the Canon and Sony flagships combined with the frame rate have rendered lag a moot point. I'd be surprised if the Z9 is anything but their equal in this regard. As that technology filters down to enthusiast and consumer mirrorless products, lag will become a non-issue for all photographers.

Thanks for the links. I always said if ya bring me an ML worth giving a sideways glance to, I'd have a look, and that time may be now. But at an extremely high price Canadian.

Yeah, I need to hit the Powerball

$9600 Canadian here, taxes in for a D6.  As much as the Z9 is rumored to have a "surprise price", I doubt that it would be a big enough of a surprise to make it 'reasonable"

Too bad Sony doesn't discretely finance someone like Metabones to make an F to Sony adapter that, from Sony's perspective (and mine), would make switching to Sony easier.

Hmm, I wonder if that might be in the works?

Probably not, but wouldn't be a bad idea to do it.

Soon be time to start checking out the A1, Canon and the Z9.

Love how Steve Perry is now a 3 system shooter. Gotta follow the $$$$$$s and hedge your bet I guess.

In a recent video, he explained that a significant piece of his business is leading tours and he's invested in multiple brands to be better able to answer his clients' questions about their camera gear. I think he also sees it as broadening the audience for his channel and photography guidebooks.

I like that, in addition to being a good wildlife photographer, he seems fairly brand agnostic and so disinclined to favor one brand over another based on anything other than performance.

I guess like anyone in business, you need to identify opportunities and follow the money, and continuing to hang your star to what is now a 13% market share company would not be doing that. But I'd like to think old biases on one hand, and greener grass on the other hand would not influence what you say one way or the other, but I dunno.

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